Karoo Wonderful Pomegranates: Producers

The producers that are part of the Karoo Wonderful Pomegranates group have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Regular workshops are held where the latest trends and farming practices are discussed. Group discounts are also negotiated. 

As a proud packer and marketer of fresh Wonderful pomegranates and pomegranate related products, Karoo Pak requires its producers to accept and adhere to a code of conduct to ensure the fruit is produced in a sustainable manner and that all workers are treated in a fair and just manner.

The group's producers are all forward thinking farmers who decided to invest in a new crop in an area mainly known for ostrich, lucerne and seed farming. Together they have planted 200 hectares of pomegranates.

Producers Map


“The Wonderful pomegranates of the Klein Karoo are redder and sweeter than those planted elsewhere - it’s simply the right crop for the right area.”