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The pomegranate is one of the world's most ancient fruits. In ancient history and religions, the pomegranate was a symbol of sanctity, abundance and faithfulness.

Karoo Wonderful Pomegranates

The Wonderful pomegranates of the Klein Karoo are redder and sweeter than those planted elsewhere.


A proud packer and marketer of fresh Wonderful pomegranates and pomegranate related products.
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Karoo Wonderful Pomegranates

Welcome to our site! Wonderful things are happening in the Klein Karoo and we'd like to tell you more about our business, ranging from our export pomegranates, our nursery, packhouse and producers to the 100% pure pomegranate juice and other pomegranate products manufactured here.

The Karoo Wonderful Pomegranates story starts in 2008 when the first hectares of Wonderful pomegranates were planted in the Klein Karoo (Little Karoo) in the Oudtshoorn area.  

In 2021 the project was expanded with assistance from the Garden Route District Municipality. The municipality was approached to assist the project with a short and long term solution. The executive mayor, Memory Booysen, assembled a project team and entered into an MOA to establish the Oudtshoorn area as an agricultural driven rural economic development node in the Klein Karoo. The project seeks to also empower BBEEE farmers who will participate in primary agriculture as well as the pomegranate value chain.

Access roads are currently being upgraded and an interim borehole field has been developed linked to a pipeline to ensure water security whilst investigations are underway to construct a new dam that will supply water to the next phase of the pomegranate project.

The project has since grown to 200 hectares in the area, with a further 100 hectares to be planted in August 2023. Once the 300 hectares are planted, Karoo Wonderful Pomegranates will be the biggest single producer of Wonderful pomegranates in South Africa.

The harvested fruit are packed at the Karoo Pak packhouse, situated on the export pomegranate farm Celebratio outside Oudtshoorn. The packhouse, owned by the producers, is a hive of activity in March/April when the fruit is harvested and it is here where the 100% pure pomegranate juice is made.

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“We strive to provide a superior product, farmed ethically and sustainably.”


Pomegranate seed oil beauty product range endorsed by ex Miss South Africa Amy Kleinhans. This beauty product range was envisioned by Karoo Pak and we aim to enhance the use of Wonderful pomegranates by utilising all of the fruit – from the arils to the skin and seed. The Karoo Wonderful pomegranates packed and processed here are all grown in the Klein Karoo, a pristine, pollution-free area. In a recent study Oudtshoorn was named as the town with the cleanest air in Africa by Swiss technology company IQ Air.

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Pomegranates, regarded as a superfruit by dietitians because of its healing qualities, offer multiple health benefits, ranging from cancer prevention to memory enhancement.